Here are some answers to our member’s most frequently asked questions:

Question:How can I join the union?
Answer:   Individuals interested in joining the union can contact the Laborers’ Training School by visiting here for an application.
Question: Why was I suspended?
Answer:The constitution provides the members a 60 day grace period to pay their dues.  The dues are generally due on the 1st day of the month and if not paid by the last day of the 2nd month, the member is deemed suspend on the first day of the 3rd month. 
Question: What documents do I need to join the union?
Answer:Individuals need to provide a social security card, a valid ID, and a check or money order for the initiation fee.
Question: What is the initiation fee?
Answer:The initiation fee is $500.00 and pay two months dues.
Question: When will I be eligible for health insurance?
Answer:You will be eligible for health insurance when you have completed 300 hours of work in a three consecutive month period. (Example:  a member works 100 hours in Jan, Feb, and March, making it a total of 300 hours.  Hours worked in March will not be reported to the trust until the middle of April.  April is the waiting month and insurance eligibility begins May 1.)
Question: I am ready to retire and would like to collect my pension. What do I have to do to begin the process?
Answer:Individuals may contact the Fund administrator by following this link https://www.scdcl.org/pswa or you may contact our office for further direction.
Question:My employer is not paying me the correct wage.  Who can I contact to correct the problem?
Answer:Please contact the field department at the administrative office number (213) 385-3550 to begin the process of filing a complaint.  A Field Representative will be assigned to your case to correct the problem.
Question:When will I receive my vacation check?
Answer:The vacation check is mailed out the first week of December.